2 May 2012

Vector Inspectors - Public Service Announcement

Vector Inspector School Assembly Program

Machinima and real-time animation is an art form and more, it is a great storytelling genre. The ability to screen capture what is in a virtual 360 degree environment makes a lot possible for us as film and video makers. Using the Second Life engine as our animation platform means we utilize every nuance we can to craft our films. Public Safety and Health concerns are also our concerns, as parents and citizens.

We have just finished working on a project which is our first Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito Vector Control District. This video will be shown in school auditoriums to help kids learn what they need to do to keep their home areas safe from the invasive Asian Tiger Mosquito. These school children will also be given sample kits to collect samples of water from around their home areas, which will help determine the extent of the mosquitoes' breeding.

This mosquito has been seen in Southern California since last September and while not indigenous to the area, if allowed to establish, they could potentially spread disease and be a game changer for lifestyle there. They transmit a number of dangerous human diseases as well as dog heartworm. This is a community issue that requires community level support and participation.

PookyMedia was given the task of creating a film to be shown in schools and using real-time animation, or machinima, we were able to give life to the characters, personalities and really show what kids will be required to do to help and participate in this important scientific study. It will also illustrate how to keep their home areas safe as well. We added music that would inspire and with the great unlimited creativity of Second Life and its creators, along with our PookyMedia team, have created a video that will hopefully teach and help eradicate this real and present threat to the great state of California.

I have relatives and friends who live in Southern California so this was brought especially home to me. I am very very proud that our work will be a help to public health and safety for this nation. We share it with you and if you are in the Southern California area, now you know what to do - get rid of the standing water anywhere around your home!