16 Nov 2022

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 Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.....Pooky Amsterdam

When people from all over the world get together and share insights, it is a summit worthy of success, and it is honor for me to be there.  According to Diego Dupont, who has put this magnificent talk together >

Q25: What exciting speakers are coming to the Metaverse?

" The World Web3 Summit 2022 (an organization of Fairtual Technologies BV, Fairtual France SARL in cooperation with XPLRR and Voila) is fast approaching. Just 6 more days and we're off and running!

30 International speakers from all over the world, more than 50 exhibitors and interconnected metaverse environments, the launch of the METAMUSEUM penthouse (Built by Threedee World and Joynus Online and hosted in Spatial) The launch of the Joynus Online Penthouse (Built by our friends at Exclusible and also hosted in Spatial)

You can find out what all there is to experience, the whole speaker program and especially how this event works and is put together via this link below:

World Wide summit users guide

Register to attend RWorld Web3 Summit FREE

Registration link

My talk will be focused on Game Shows In The Metaverse which bring together people through  engaging relevant activities, that are memorable, promote stickiness and are tremendous fun!

Here is a full list of the speakers

And I will see you there, lots of film clips, screenshots and excitement from the headiness of Viewer Log In Entertainment! Be Live Be There Be...of The Metaverse!

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10 Nov 2022

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Tips & tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.................Pooky Amsterdam

All dressed up and no place to go?

 Continuing with the trend of predictions from last week, let's look at websites which might be coming to a browser near you. There are going to be new ways of engaging the BIG 5 Killer Apps for business in The Metaverse which are:

Music, Data, Fashion, Fitness and Gaming. 

Let's take Fashion this week and look at a future site that is going to pop up around wearables.

Q24: What kind of new Fashion websites are going to materialize to serve The Metaverse?

As the Metaratti hops into the digital world, there will be events and places to go. What to wear is becoming bigger and bigger, more importantly, the crossover between virtual wear and physical wear is happening! The Looks, the Hair, The Shoes, all to die for. Yet when you are wearing an ultimate version of Outfit Nirvana, where are you going to post it, so more than just you and your screen shot selfie can enjoy it? Where are you going to go with it for maximum effect? Where can people find out how fashionable a digital persona you have?

Yes there are picture hosting platforms, but somewhere better, more targeted, where other well-dressed people  can see you are one of the fashionable elite. Where others can appreciate the care you took in creating this stunning virtual outfit. And one place where you could see theirs too, even ranking them.

There will be a need to solve the "all dressed up and nowhere to go" problem The Metaverse has. What if there are only a handful of people on the grid, and you need applause?  This new site will transcend that and make what you wearing a fashion moment worth sharing!

BestDressedAvatar.com will be The Place to post, of course! The website (under construction soon) will feature a gallery of pictures uploaded by anyone from any platform, and what is even better is that members of the site get to vote on the annual International Best Dressed Avatar list.  

The broadcast gala at the end of the year,  awards The Metaverses Best Dressed Avatar  and the winner will show off their outfit creations by modeling them out of their inventory just for the occasion. Judged in separate categories like evening wear, sci-fi, casual or sport and swimsuit, it becomes a fashion event for major brands, a kind of MET Gala of the Metaverse.With prizes, notoriety, bragging rights and more! Perhaps collaboration with a major fashion house, having physical garments that you help design or inspire and that collaboration results in IRL$$$.

It is coming, look your best!

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3 Nov 2022

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Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with........Pooky Amsterdam 

The Metaverse is here today! As many battle it out, like the giant Horizon World, which has been  knocked for a loop in the first round while Roblox roared with big brands, Fortnite jumped in with Ralph Lauren! At Decentraland there's a party and virtual Cuervo. This week. 

The (Re-)Birth of The Metaverse is still young, so while many are finding their legs...there is a future which will evolve in its own way. How things look will be different in a year or so. As companies and those behind the various Metaverses debate how to get users to return and business to prosper, I shall look into the future for new ideas in these new lands.

Q: With the New Year upcoming, can you make any predictions as to what might be going on in the Metaverse of the future?

Many people think the Metaverse is the future and if billions of dollars are right, it will be. What kinds of services will we see? There are new needs to be met with a focus on how to maximize the User Experience and Profits.

A few predictions:

1) Digital Life Insurance -

You spend hours and real world money in the Metaverse, whether building an inventory, NFT collection or virtual real estate, all of those things would be insured in the physical world, why not for the Metaverse? While you can't insure against electricity coming to an end, you should be able to cover for loss of items due to hacking, theft or even the termination of the platform for whatever reason. Everyone has virtual assets in some persistent form or other with this looking to increase, providing insurance for our virtual goods either through backup servers, separate computer or USB stick is important. 

2) Metaverse Travel Agents -

There is so much going on in The Metaverse, where do you spend your quality time? There is a need for a director of digital spaces when you need a place to go, one stop shopping for a schedule. Do you want a concert, a movie, play, comedy night, or talk show? Going on a date with yourself to check out what's happening, or taking a friend with you, you need some calendar scheduling for dates, times and something else. You have to make sure you have all those Metaverses installed and are up to date with the UI which leads to...

3) Avatar Concierge Services

There are lots of places to go, say you just want to enter The Metaverse as a cool avatar in the hottest place on the platform, with a functional inventory and coin of the realm to spend. Would you pay for that? For all that to be set up, per your notes to the concierge who will be delivering a name and password? This is a niche business, but it has applications beyond just you if you dont have the time to go through the set-up. Let's say you need to bring in an investor, or someone you want to impress: making them an avatar which logs into the space is an easy way of getting them in your room. The Concierge can also zoom, and through shared screens shepard you/them into the new platform until you are comfortable.This service provides as smooth an entry possible minimizing awkwardness.

4) Fashion Breedables

Buy a skirt and shirt put them in your inventory, press activate et voila you have a Jacket! Introducing breedable clothing. Hate to fumble around with what kind of bottoms go with your top? Hoodie + Sneakers =  new pair of fantastic digital jeans on your app. When inventory can randomize new clothing based on a brand, look, trend or color, you will want to return to see what new outfit has been generated for you! Accessories too with an extra amount of coin. Here AI is going to really kick in for a lot of fun extras.

5) Metaverse Entertainment Channel

The Metaverse is not only a place to go, it begins to be the background of our stories upon entering. Within this population are people who will want to film and also produce content for filming. Something I was very impressed with was the Roblox Video Stars program.  Metaverses can attract users with a channel of quality video. In the bid to create legitimate reason to go to XYZ Metaverse, think of how a network that broadcasts news, events, interviews, puzzle solving, et al would be a showcase for different Metaverses. As CableTV has multiple channels, MEC would be open to programming produced in a Metaverse or Virtual World platform. This is User Created Content  curated to show the best.

6) Metaverse Game Show Network 

This is my dream, to have viewer log-in entertainment, and people playing along in game shows, with the chance to become a contestant from the privacy of their living room. No more mere data-point vote for a singer during a TV show, but a true participant through avatar presence. Daily shows offer a quick trip into the Metaverse like a Dinner Dash experience with prizes while more extended Role Play games can be saved and go on for weeks. All build community, offer branding, sponsorship and product placement opportunities, plus the shows can be streamed live allowing feedback and comments. All to be found in the regular weekly schedule, MGSN guide.

Cost associated with producing a show like this are low, if you're interested, let's talk.

If you have a question, send an email to info@pookymedia.com with Metaquette in the subject and it will be answered