17 Aug 2013

The Origins of VWTV

This movement started in the last century in the 1990's. Prompted by the Home Shopping Network of all things...(Hey I understand that connection, I was just talking to a friend about "Skypey Sales") I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Steven Benford about his past work in this field.

Truly an insightful and awe inspiring piece. Can someone get me Barry Diller on the phone?

Steve Benford and Inhabited TV: The beginnings of VWTV

14 Aug 2013

The Channel

Richard Kastelein, Publisher of TV AppMarket, has co-authored a piece on machinima with me for the magazine of The Association of International Broadcasting called The Channel.

In 2013, The Channel has a print subscriber base of more than 6,600 decision-makers in international and national television and radio broadcasters as well as related manufacturing and service provision companies in over 120 countries world-wide. The Channel has significant additional distribution to delegates at key industry events throughout the year – such as CSTB, Moscow; Mobile World Congress, Barcelona; IPTV World Forum, London; FT Digital Media Conference, London; IBC, Amsterdam; NewsXchange; AppsWorldEurope, London. In its print and electronic form, The Channel has a combined reach of over 25,000 named professionals in the broadcasting and related industries in over 120 countries worldwide.


A profound thrill to have the article published and it's a great read!

13 Aug 2013

It Happened One World

When CarrieLynn and myself first started talking about Virtual World Entertainment, I told her of my humble beginnings in a text based world where there was no scripting allowed, everything had to be bought from the platform's in-house catalog and it was text based only. Seems like a long time ago, but it was only a decade ago, before YouTube and Twitter though, so it might have been another lifetime. In some ways it was...I started out in 2.5D.

Please have a read - and next week we look at more origins of the species with the beginning of Inhabited TV - but for now, time to "get a room"

VWTV Beyond Second Life: Pooky and Habbo Hotel