17 May 2024

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Tips & Tricks for negotiating the Metaverse.........with Pooky Amsterdam.

For people unsure that they will be able to hear in VR, I would think the reveal of captions available for VisionPro, would bring more people to this device.  Under the category of Content Driving Adoption. this is real breakthrough. 

 Q: Will Content Drive Adoption for VR in The Metaverse? 

I personally became involved with 2.5D avatar based chat rooms over 20 years ago, because I could read what everyone was saying better than I could hear in real life. It became obvious to me in 2003 that those platforms could be used to create theatrical-like productions

"Theatrical-like productions" seems so quaint a term in a world where Generative AI Cinema is heavy on the menu for this years Digital Hollywood Festival. While the panels and discussions are attuned to the rise of AI and its existential threat to creative professionals, the jury is still out on how humans will respond to a steady AI diet. Saving money and time are paramount for any profession, how to maximize the best work is often based on a variety of influences and synchronicities.  Better prompting we are finding, creates better, and even more original content, but even us humans "generate a script for a rom-com" in startling similar ways. Boy loves Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets better Robot companion will be done to death.

Movies and TV is the catchall for our entertainment complexes, often with a passive outlook, we sit back and relax while games certainly make up lean forward and engage. What if the Metaverse could serve as a platform for people to be able to make and create their own TV-like and Theatrical-like productions? Allowing that great democratization of content utilizing tools will create vast content, much like YouTube or any of the big platforms (insta, X, TikTok, etc) allows for the public to upload. A massive amount of creativity has been unleashed, and appreciated. We are DIY to the core.

In the coming years, developers can give those kind of tools to those who wish to create entertainment like programs for it's users. YouTube has helped create new forms of shows, commercials are taking their cues from shorts and tiktok creators. Through these social media platforms, recognizable styles are adapted into more mainstream media too. 

Will AppleVisionPro and META take up the challenge for interactive TV? The games which are now played involving zombies or shooting targets are really only one kind of entertainment. In a world which is scary enough, (read the news if you don't believe me) I want games on my own time to serve me. Okay distract me and entertain me, but also make me feel good that I have elected to play them. 

Virtual Worlds, the Metaverse and such, are entertainment platforms as people elect to engage and be entertained there, playing, even creating games within them, meeting friends, shopping, looking at cool stuff etc. But The Metaverse is also an entertainment platform in itself by being a stage set, albeit a virtual one where more classically defined entertainment can take place. Like the Game Shows I've created, with a viewer log-in audience that takes place on a weekly basis for example. 

Other ways that the Metaverse is an entertainment platform is as an animation type of studio, where the 360 degree world of virtual goods and backgrounds can be accessed for real-time film making. 

Which brings me to using the Metaverse as both a subject and location for a film itself, as in Mambo Motel ~ The Metaverse Musical. As an avatar invested in my virtual life, meeting others who have similar interests from across the globe has made the physical world more interesting, colorful and lively. I have penned this exploration of a new world as an exciting, yet cautionary tale of how we find ourselves by losing ourselves within the Metaverse. 

It will only be a short matter of time I believe before volumetric video studios will be able to produce Virtual Reality bingeable TV, with all players and producers under one roof. They will be able to exchange ideas and skills creating programs of various interests for all who put on VR goggles. 

The legendary Trip Hawkins recent post on Medium  made me realize that the studio of the future for VRTV could resemble an older model of a NBC studio kind of set-up, with everyone in the building for top > down and up pipeline positioning.  We all will be there, hopefully with the best working hierarchy we have learned from the past.