19 Nov 2015

HealthlinkNY > Consent & The HIE

Our health issues for and of the future concern our current state of technology advancement, and surely should. Technology that also can advance patient and doctor information flow is imperative in many instances, certainly in emergency situations, and also in more everyday visits to physicians which help treat our ongoing medical problems. This is also critical for the bigger picture of saving money, time and stress. The immediate transfer of important health information helps all sides when the medical history of the patient can be accessed easily.

Luckily there is HealthlinkNY and PookyMedia was asked to create a video which explains the importance of having doctors be able to access important medical history and information. The video is short and very helpful in explaining what Consent and The Health Information Exchange is.

Many thanks to the HealthlinkNY team for the opportunity to work together on this and to Lori Reese for the graphics and input. Enjoy the film and appreciate how important our new era of technology is and how much it can save so much in terms of time, money and even lives.