16 Jun 2021

Machinima Saves Lives

In April of 2012 PookyMedia finished a video for the San Gabriel Vector & Control District which would be presented at schools in the San Gabriel Valley grades K-8, in conjunction with a scientific study. They needed to find out the scope of Asian Tiger Mosquito infiltration in the Valley, and they needed school kids to collect samples of trapped water around their homes for research.  PookyMedia created this gem of a Call to Action, which was SO successful that almost a decade later, not only is the film still being shown, but we just had to update the film, as new invasive species have been identified.

So once again the Vector Inspectors will help eradicate mosquitos and the diseases they transfer, by getting rid of standing water around homes and giving samples for this ongoing study. The film has been shown to tens of thousands of schoolchildren, and it works! Even if one person avoided getting Dengue Fever, Zika or any of the other viruses these species of Aedes mosquitos carry it will be a triumph, but this has helped thousands of children and their families stay safe. And this new film will help thousands more!  

Machinima Can save lives!  It's a great video and we encourage you to take a look at the newer version here with an introduction by real professionals!