2 Mar 2019

If You Have An Answer, We Have A Question!

If You Have An Answer, We Have A Question!

It’s been almost 7 years since I last said those lines live in the StudioDome on Second Life. The show which was The 1st Question is something worth seeing again entering a new era of Virtual Reality. This could be you in a few years as an avatar in a virtual game show.

After 11 years since the show started, I wanted to revisit them, and looking back, re-watching I am filled with awe for what we pulled off every week for years. The shows are funny but also very informative and presaged today. So here are both the questions, and the answers from these 14 shows, I’ve included the tie breakers which weren’t always used, as they were too good not to include. Matching those up are part of the new interactivity. Some of the stuff is really out of this world!

How many The 1st Questions were there?  In all, around 150, as it ran once a week for 3 years and the last year, once a month. The format changed from an hour to 30 minutes as well over time.

If you watch more than a few episodes, you’ll see segments change, avatars evolve, and the set get redesigned. In the 4 years everyone really delivered a great show, Hydra & the crew were amazing, I thank everyone involved for the love and dedication.  It was done with wonder that we were pulling off a live show in the metaverse, and no matter what, the show must go on!  We saw action in the Dome not on camera, like being bombarded with inappropriate pictures, forced to a secret alternate location through DOS’s, and other attacks by griefers. I also want to thank the folks who stepped in when there where last-minute cancellations, I was always so grateful for you all.

It was a Pre-Golden Age of Virtual Entertainment, and ahead of its time. It predicts a future where people gear up and join a game show already in progress. First Person Thinking games will prove to be an important VR market. * If you have an Inner, or Outer Geek, this show is for you.

Welcome to the 1st Question!

April 2008 – July 2012
(The 2nd Question till March 2009)

*Very similar to what people already do online now, these are the categories I see flourishing over the next decade for the Virtual Realist.

FPS – First person Shooter –People who get a thrill from shooting zombies, bad guys, opposing forces, etc.

MPS – Multi person Shooter – People who get a thrill killing zombies, bad guys, opposing forces, etc. together, or on teams

FPB – First Person Builder – Person who gets a thrill, or has an educational requirement to fill making stuff

MPS – Multi Person Builder – People who get a thrill, or have an educational requirement to fill making stuff together, or on teams

FPT – First Person Thinker – People who get a thrill solving puzzles / playing games

MPT – Multi Person Thinker – People who get a thrill solving puzzles / playing games together or on teams

FPS – First Person Sports – Person who gets a thrill playing sports

MPS – First Person Sports - People who get a thrill playing sports together or on teams

FPC – First Person Consumer – Person who gets a thrill out of shopping

MPC – Multi Person Consumer – People who get a thrill out of shopping together

FPP – First Person Performer – Person who gets a thrill out of performing

MPP – Multi Person Performer – People who get a thrill out of performing together

FPX – Person who gets a thrill from virtual sex

MPX – People who get a thrill from virtual sex together

2 May 2018

Hong Kong Polytechnic Builds Minds....and here are the visuals to prove it

Hong Kong Polytechnic maintains a worldwide outpost, available 24/7 in Second Life. This is a great educational enterprise and offers students the ability to learn and advance in their chosen field and work on their skills from anywhere they can log into the platform. Working with Dean Gui and his very Able team, we crafted this short advert for their sim, highlighting the great possibilities offered there.

We feature the builds already established and also virtual campus opportunities yet to be created. It's exciting and fast paced, we pack a lot into 90 seconds, please have a watch, the music will probably have you pushing play than once.

Thank you again Dean, for the great selection of soundtrack and for the chance to work together again on this gem of a video! Enjoy!


5 Dec 2017

Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Virtual Campus Presents Cool Immersive Learning Environment for Students

Virtual and immersive environments work exceedingly well and very affordably for those learning foreign languages. We recently had the opportunity to work on this advertisement with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Virtual Campus to showcase how their exciting platform within Second Life is teaching students around the globe.


14 Dec 2016

PookyMedia & Hotels.com

For those of us who have already logged millions of kilometers on pixels roads and flown through the virtual skies of environments created by electricity and perspicacity, we know what the future can bring. We imagine it everyday because we are using the tools of the future to communicate and create.

What does a hotel room in the year 2060 look like? Forget modern amenities, what future amenities will prevail and avail themselves to us? Dr James Canton the global futurist was brought in on a project for Hotels.com to explore this topic and he brought in his team of machine cinema movie makers, that is us, PookyMedia to realize his visions.

With an interview on CTV, Dr. Canton insightfully talks of what the future will offer for travelers, once they land in their hotel suite.

For the full interview on Canadian TV please click the above link, if you don’t have the 4 minutes plus to view that because your electrojet is about to leave for the Galactic highway, take 59 seconds and watch this >

19 Nov 2015

HealthlinkNY > Consent & The HIE

Our health issues for and of the future concern our current state of technology advancement, and surely should. Technology that also can advance patient and doctor information flow is imperative in many instances, certainly in emergency situations, and also in more everyday visits to physicians which help treat our ongoing medical problems. This is also critical for the bigger picture of saving money, time and stress. The immediate transfer of important health information helps all sides when the medical history of the patient can be accessed easily.

Luckily there is HealthlinkNY and PookyMedia was asked to create a video which explains the importance of having doctors be able to access important medical history and information. The video is short and very helpful in explaining what Consent and The Health Information Exchange is.

Many thanks to the HealthlinkNY team for the opportunity to work together on this and to Lori Reese for the graphics and input. Enjoy the film and appreciate how important our new era of technology is and how much it can save so much in terms of time, money and even lives.

26 Nov 2014

At the Top of the Box

This is a great win for the virtual world crowd of which we are indeed a part - CarrieLynn presented the paper we have been working on to the 100th National Communications Association Conference and it was awarded a great honor This presentation was awarded one of the Top Paper Awards for the Communication of the Future Division.

Virtual World television is the definition of The Living Screen and entertainment in real time we can participate in...It will not give away too much of what is in this paper to reveal that this is indeed one of the great new horizons to meet for the future of entertainment.


Have a read and let me know what you think...and if you want to be part of it!

25 Jun 2014

youthisme proves machinima is a great marketing tool!

And while the title there is in lower case you can see these are Upper case Productions - Backed by the best team that ever hit the grid in FPS, I am beyond proud of the work we have done for this great encrypted messaging app. (Please download, it's free)

The amazing Krypton Radio and Kal-El have done a fabulous interview and here we are: http://kryptonradio.com/2014/06/25/pooky-amsterdams-machinima-and-youthisme/

Thank again to the team, especially Russell Boyd, robwag Soothsayer and Psylent Knight.