25 Aug 2010

AVENUE Magazine - Present Day Pioneers

In excellent company, Pooky Amsterdam joins Bryn Oh, Phaylen Fairchild and Chantal Harvey to speak with AVENUE Magazine's Carissa Sockington. Machinima is a very important new genre for filmmakers and those of us working in 3D Virtual Worlds are pioneering new directions for this nascent technology. For those of you who wish to see a history of Machinima, check out Pooky's Metanomics presentation where you might even catch a glimpse of Diary of a Camper, the 1996 film made with the Quake engine. It all started there, but look how far it's come and hold onto your seats for where it's going.

24 Aug 2010

Radio Round Up With Pooky On TMOA

One of the most happening machinima communities is to be found at The Movies Underground (TMU) and its signature radio station TMOA. Hot off the SLCC convention, Pooky was asked to be on the very influential Roger and Ken show on Sunday 22 August (download here). Prior to that Pooky was on the Spotlight on Thursday 19 August (download here) with Kinte.

Talking Machinima and Virtual World entertainment is always something Pooky is in the mood for. Hope you enjoy these candid and lively conversations because the element of excitement abounds.

When the avid listeners heard Pooky's trademark voice, there were many requests for voiceover work for which Pooky is only to happy to oblige.

21 Aug 2010

Pooky Amsterdam's SLCC Machinima Presentation at Metanomics Forum

After a successful presentation at the Second Life Community Convention, the Metanomics team asked Pooky to give her talk live inworld. Here is a brief history and some tools of the trade.

18 Aug 2010

Philip Rosedale to be on the 100th Show of the 1st Question

The original 2003 State of Play in New York was where much happened, including Philip Rosedale’s (Philip Linden) announcement that Second Life would grant its creators IP rights. It was a seminal convention and the one where Pooky originally met Philip. A lot has happened since then, as Philip remarked, “that was a long time ago,” and at this year’s SLCC, Pooky got a chance to talk to Philip a bit, thanking him as well. Somehow the conversation got around to the The 1st Question, and the upcoming 100th show in October. And the great news is that Philip will be on The 100th Episode of The 1st Question! So please stay tuned.

Pooky Amsterdam and Philip Rosedale
Picture by ArminasX Saiman

17 Aug 2010

SLCC 2010 Business Track Presentation - Second Life as a Media Platform

Working and writing on topic for many years, Pooky presented an indepth market analysis of the current state of online video, advertising, Internet TV and the future.