14 Dec 2016

PookyMedia & Hotels.com

For those of us who have already logged millions of kilometers on pixels roads and flown through the virtual skies of environments created by electricity and perspicacity, we know what the future can bring. We imagine it everyday because we are using the tools of the future to communicate and create.

What does a hotel room in the year 2060 look like? Forget modern amenities, what future amenities will prevail and avail themselves to us? Dr James Canton the global futurist was brought in on a project for Hotels.com to explore this topic and he brought in his team of machine cinema movie makers, that is us, PookyMedia to realize his visions.

With an interview on CTV, Dr. Canton insightfully talks of what the future will offer for travelers, once they land in their hotel suite.

For the full interview on Canadian TV please click the above link, if you don’t have the 4 minutes plus to view that because your electrojet is about to leave for the Galactic highway, take 59 seconds and watch this >