17 Apr 2012

Merv Griffen of The Internet

If the Technology didn’t exist, the moment would have created it. OnTheAir.com is on that wavelength. This is viewer call in with web cam application programming that gives us the chance to host shows with audience participation. In some ways it is like call in radio except radio doesn't need Hair, Lighting and Makeup. Being an avatar working in a virtual world, with camera ready features doesn't need that either. Log In Viewer Entertainment is something that resonates pretty deep with me, Second Life has given me a tremendous opportunity which might just be ready to port, so I'm going to try it out. I am still doing the shows inworld, Real Life is just another platform.

For those of you who know me, developing real time live action log in game shows is, the future of entertainment, as immersive game show, means you become part of the program. Here a community can also develop around the game and the brands which will eventually sponsor them. I am so convinced of this I am leaving my avatar on the grid and bringing my somewhat realer, definitely more imperfect self in front of the webcam for Yay Me or Nay Me, which originated as a segment from one of the shows I have running out of Second Life called The 1st Question on the Virtual TV network treet.tv.

Having people compete for sponsored prizes has been part of entertainment beginning with Radio, which early TV picked up. One of the longest running titles on TV is the Price is Right, which has been going since 1956. People love to be involved in games and love to cheer on and sympathize with winners or losers.

What we have seen grow over the past 6 years is proof that viewers love being doers. Sit back and relax has firmly become lean forward and engage whether in game or Social Media. Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, instagram. Got an image? A thought? Something to share on every and any level? Well there are a multitude of places where you can show and tell everyone just that. Crowd content, we are ready to take that next step and play within the program, even authoring our own shows. This offers sponsors unique opportunity which transcends liking or following or repinning. YouTube is proving this all the time. Playing within a sponsored challenge has to be more exciting. I am ready to go live to see if this is true.

There is a lot of talk about what will TV be in the future? How will people shop through their TV's, or talk about what they are watching? What is Social TV? What is content everywhere, even on your Google glasses? I got tired of watching a long time ago. We are now at a new place to activate our own programming, and invite others to be part of it. And you can choose to actually “take the stage.” This is a perfect set up for contestants, fast easy and fun. Immediately gratifying and exciting. There can be no doubt that people love to play games – Us humans spend 3 Billion hours a week playing video and computer games, according to PEW. However these recent Nielsen numbers on TV viewing habits over the past decade were surprising. That is, how sitcoms have disappeared from the radar, is it possible that people would rather generate their own laugh-track (Or other appropriate sounds one makes when playing a video game) than listen to one? My guess is this significant casual entertainment segment has migrated elsewhere to being part of the action, not passively entertained.

RealityTV is very significantly represented, which says that a whole lot of folks want to see people who aren’t the most beautiful and stunning doing things that involves real life challenges, like losing weight, instead of watching Friends.

With the growth of Connected TV I think the future lies not in what you are watching. It's going to be what you are doing. And allowing people to take part in the programming is going to be what's next.

Being part of this future through the avatar based game shows I have successfully developed towards “Merv Griffen of The Internet” now demands I step up to the tech that has just presented itself, or lose sight of the title. I just had to take this call.

When you can watch yourself because you have just logged into a show and get swept up in live play, we are entering a new place for entertainment. This is a beginning, the curve just might have caught up with me. Hope to see you there.

Tune in and Play - Yay Me or Nay Me - Log In Viewer Entertainment does indeed spell LIVE - OntheAir.com/channel/125 Tuesday 5PM PDT / 8PM EST