21 Jun 2023

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 Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.....Pooky Amsterdam

The Metaverse is a Media Platform, the perfect locus of People, Location, Stage and Convenience.
All you have to do is log in and become part of the show that's going on. The Metaverse is: 
Disease Proof / Gas Price Proof / Clean Laundry & Underwear Proof / Kid Proof / Makeup Proof / Weather Proof and to this day....Personal Hygiene Proof! (no smell check yet!)
If you have electricity and a computer, you can enter and become part of the fun.

Q: Can I see stand-up Comedy without leaving home, but still have the feeling I am in the club itself?

YES you can!! 
In The Metaverse! 
Once I was a former regular at The Comic Strip in New York City, back in the veritable day.  
But I made my first Virtual comedy club performance in 2003, sensing that massive multi-player online worlds would be extremely important to the future of entertainment, I have been putting on all kinds of shows for two decades. 

THIS Thursday the 22nd of June at 1 PM Eastern, I will be breaking new pixels at the Krusty Crab Komedy Klub in Spatial.io 
Book free tickets >here 

Sunken Blimp is hosting the space and it's exciting, be part of the future with us tomorrow!

Come and join the fun, see and hear for yourself how fabulous it is to be part of the action, as only you can be, in the Metaverse. Sure The Voice may allow people to vote for their favorites, but you are just a data point to them my friend, here you are a bona fide presence. 

IMHO, the brands have gotten it wrong in the Metaverse - I was reading a recent Brookings Research report on "Creating Value In The Metaverse"  there is much on how to sell stuff to people and on the hopes to engage the consumer (end user / avatar) with the product. The Metaverse is not just another place to sell stuff to people, it can be that...but it is so much more. It is an Entertainment Platform in the sense that people can take part in shows of all kinds, music, comedy, debate, create your own story, role play etc. And to also form community and friendships around these engaging activities, so people return. This is a key to stickiness!

That is where brands will find the answer - in sponsoring the content which is being created, not necessarily in creating a game where you play whack a mole with branded toilet tissue..... The advertisers will be IN the show and part of it. Think of Youtube and how powerful the content creation is there and how sponsors and advertisers have aligned themselves successfully with actual entertainment video.

*Clears Voice*
*Get me Grey Goose on the line, Tell them I'll drink a virtual martini on the show tomorrow! It doesn't matter if it's 10AM on the West Coast! I'm not driving!*

Plus the content can be streamed / filmed / rebroadcast forever and this reinforces the Media Content and the Sponsors. 

So tomorrow - Log in as a Guest, chat away in text with interesting people and WIN A PRIZE!!!! We are also have a mini quiz / trivial show with a Prize! Brush up on your SpongeBobVerse stuff!

C'mon along and enter a virtual environment where you have a name, no matter how ridiculous it may be, a presence no matter how shiny and people will be talking and interacting with and around you in this immersive journey of fun!

Because Fun is one of life's only rewards......

If you have a question please write to info@pookymedia.com with Metaquette in the subject line and it will be answered!