24 May 2013

The Art Form Of Machinima

Having worked in this medium for almost a decade producing, writing and originating virtual entertainment it was really fated to meet and begin working with someone who has a very strong vision for the future with the strength and the brilliance to move forward. Please enjoy our article on the Art Form known as machinima -

The Artform of Machinima

17 May 2013

A Vision of the Future of VWTV

A few years ago when I was presenting at SLCC in Boston, I found myself quoting someone named CarrieLynn D. Reinhard, because I was just so impressed with her observations and insight. A while later we met, and she was on The 1st Questio, (and won!). In getting to know each other mutually, we began collaborating on a book, the subject of great importance to us both, that of Virtual World Television. We interviewed over 30 producers of almost 60 shows, and all of them from Second Life for a multitude of reasons: Building Tools / Networks / IP Rights / Accessibility. The co-opting of TV into virtual worlds makes "What are you doing on TV tonight, honey?" possible.


This interview is about the future of TV as it relates to being part of the show in unique ways which are afforded by immersion in a 3D environment. For those of you who have been part of the crew, panel and/or audience of The 1st Question and/or The Dating Casino you know firsthand what it's like. I also thank you very much for being a part of it through this project. The book will analyze, discuss and reveal a phenomenon that the producers of virtual entertainment have made through their many wonderful shows and skills.