16 Nov 2022

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 Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.....Pooky Amsterdam

When people from all over the world get together and share insights, it is a summit worthy of success, and it is honor for me to be there.  According to Diego Dupont, who has put this magnificent talk together >

Q25: What exciting speakers are coming to the Metaverse?

" The World Web3 Summit 2022 (an organization of Fairtual Technologies BV, Fairtual France SARL in cooperation with XPLRR and Voila) is fast approaching. Just 6 more days and we're off and running!

30 International speakers from all over the world, more than 50 exhibitors and interconnected metaverse environments, the launch of the METAMUSEUM penthouse (Built by Threedee World and Joynus Online and hosted in Spatial) The launch of the Joynus Online Penthouse (Built by our friends at Exclusible and also hosted in Spatial)

You can find out what all there is to experience, the whole speaker program and especially how this event works and is put together via this link below:

World Wide summit users guide

Register to attend RWorld Web3 Summit FREE

Registration link

My talk will be focused on Game Shows In The Metaverse which bring together people through  engaging relevant activities, that are memorable, promote stickiness and are tremendous fun!

Here is a full list of the speakers

And I will see you there, lots of film clips, screenshots and excitement from the headiness of Viewer Log In Entertainment! Be Live Be There Be...of The Metaverse!

If you have a question please send it to info@pookymedia.com with Metaquette in the subject line and it will be answered.

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