1 Dec 2022

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WorldWeb3Summit 2022

While The Metaverse has exploded, with seemingly daily zoomings about this verse or that verse, podcasts appearing in proliferation and truly important conferences to attend, the best place to have a summit about The Metaverse, might actually be within one. Proof of concept is made in the doing & seeing more often than not. On a riff of the old parable....You can tell someone about The Metaverse, but if you can show them how to use it they will be able to enter themselves....and grow.

Q: How effective is The Metaverse for large scale meeting with many speakers?

It can be extremely effective as the Cause for being in The Metaverse is met with the Effect of gaining information, connection and ground in your chosen area. And sometimes even more importantly, finding inspiration and that missing link you needed. We gain this by exposure to others in the interesting tangential organizations of this space, sometimes quite by chance. There is a great chemistry in The Metaverse, it's place for networking yet on an Epic scale, because materials are available which can enlighten and ignite some genius moments. The ultimate Virtual Water cooler, where proximity to all is all plus there are all kinds of different people, talking about all kinds of fascinating processes. Business be happening here. 

Last week, as this blog would have mentioned, there was a conference I spoke at. WorldWeb3Summit 2022 gave evidence that the virtual look and feel gives weight to hosting in The Metaverse.  Businesses had their speakers as well as a metaphysical presence whose outposts still remain in Spatial.  Speakers represented experienced next wave Metazens on the newer skill sets needed. Diego DuPont, the organizer provided great feedback as well. Content highlights also provided by the organizer included some interesting numbers. 

There were about 4,000 people between Spatial andAnchar's construction of Earth, for 26 speakers, 28 session, 47 Exhibitors and over 9,000 booth visits which averaged almost 200 per exhibitor. The Summit was well hooked up with Eventbrite, Voila Events and first class European design teams.  There were almost a thousand live avatar driven attendees. And although the numbers might not seem like a lot, and marketing / influencers are an important next step, but this has to begin on an approachable scale, so we can learn and build. For that, the Summit was a great success.

There is also a charitable alliance here, which gives another dimension ot how important these conferences can be. Not only in reducing carbon footprint and time / expense associated with travel, but in raising awareness and money for worthy causes, such as this education initiative in Gambia with the goal of helping millions of children get the computer skills they need.

Right now it takes nerves of steel to put together a 6 day long Metaverse Summit with 26 Speakers and 28 Sessions. This was a live event,  one cannot pull this off in The Metaverse without sufficient passion, knowledge and patience too. It was made of so many moving parts, it takes a lot and team Diego really pulled it off. With some log in difficulties the first day, it is really necessary to have lots of technical support, and they did. The audience wants ease of movement, the Speakers want connections to audience, Steamyard got very favorable reviews, 50% wanted the Summit twice a year, 43% wanted it annually. A successful conference means everyone wants to return and over 90% did. 

Meetings, Conferences, Summits, Retreats and more represent an organic growth movement for those of us who love The Metaverse both wanting, and needing to meet there. You need real experience to pull it off. 

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