28 Dec 2022

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 Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with..........Pooky Amsterdam

Happy MetaVerse New Year to ALL! Many people have launched themselves into these great worlds where we all log in equally. It is known as The Metaverse. Which will stick and who will perish as platforms compete for end users and brands want to use them for sales and recognition? What will our understanding of "do anything / be anything" look like even one short year from now? How many hours will people give to their virtual lives? As I have mentioned before, what one does becomes imperative for time is the new currency. Where and how we spend it in The Metaverse determines commitment, and The Metaverse needs dedicated users to flourish. An end of the year musing........

Q: Can AI help humans become better people in The Metaverse?

The growth of AI along with these newish platforms gives way to potential collaboration. Not a big leap to imagine worlds populated by AI to give a feeling of there being "others" in the Metaverse, no one wants to hang out in a virtual wasteland no matter how pretty.  Instead of "salesbots" though, maybe we need redeeming robots whose companionship delivers more than a temporary cure for loneliness. Maybe AI could create fun challenges which deliver attitude hacks, encouraging us and rewarding us for good behavior.

We as a species might not be yet ready for an app which tells us when we are being obnoxious, rude or self-absorbed in the extreme, but how about a friendly Metaverse bot who would give guidance and solace when we box ourselves into emotional corners we can't get out of? Or help with anger management? Could an AI give us emotional support, in the way that a dog, cat or pig does in real life? And better yet, as AI can speak and communicate in ways that animals can't. (That interface is still being created for animal / human verbal exchange, for those brave enough to want to know what their dog really thinks of them.)

How could this work? Moving through the Metaverse, interacting with different situations, the AI could ask questions about how one is feeling, and why. Even asking at what point the human could be inclined to be more understanding, or even kind? Then rewards would be given, perhaps of extra time, with the  AI,  if the person wanted level up, and learn how to be more compassionate too. Could the AI train the human to not be offended so easily? To have empathy for those in less financially secure places? To give bonuses for the balm of humor, which connects people? Nobody is perfect, but we can program AI to be attentive to our mindsets, which also affect our sentiments, and how we see the world. For we see the world not as it is, but as we are. I asked ChatGPT How AI can help people become better humans, and this is the response I received....

"AI has the potential to help people improve their skills and capabilities in various ways, but it is important to recognize that AI is just a tool and cannot replace the value of human compassion, empathy and ethical decision-making."

If AI could assist us by helping us play the better human game, that might be a big step. Beyond absolute truth, or falsehood, there lies doing what is morally imperative. As we enter this potentially wonderful new year, what kind of people do we want to be, not what toys do we want to own. Can AI help us find what is of greater value in terms of quality, over quantity? We have enough of the Sam Bankman-Frieds of the world whose overwhelming value to society was determined by their net worth, and how much they could "make" us. Does collecting wisdom and actionable knowledge within a game as valuable to collecting gems or weapons? 

Seems to me there is a huge niche to be filled in the compassion, empathy and moral decision-making areas of our lives. Maybe there is an app for that, there certainly is a need.

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