10 Nov 2022

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Tips & tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.................Pooky Amsterdam

All dressed up and no place to go?

 Continuing with the trend of predictions from last week, let's look at websites which might be coming to a browser near you. There are going to be new ways of engaging the BIG 5 Killer Apps for business in The Metaverse which are:

Music, Data, Fashion, Fitness and Gaming. 

Let's take Fashion this week and look at a future site that is going to pop up around wearables.

Q24: What kind of new Fashion websites are going to materialize to serve The Metaverse?

As the Metaratti hops into the digital world, there will be events and places to go. What to wear is becoming bigger and bigger, more importantly, the crossover between virtual wear and physical wear is happening! The Looks, the Hair, The Shoes, all to die for. Yet when you are wearing an ultimate version of Outfit Nirvana, where are you going to post it, so more than just you and your screen shot selfie can enjoy it? Where are you going to go with it for maximum effect? Where can people find out how fashionable a digital persona you have?

Yes there are picture hosting platforms, but somewhere better, more targeted, where other well-dressed people  can see you are one of the fashionable elite. Where others can appreciate the care you took in creating this stunning virtual outfit. And one place where you could see theirs too, even ranking them.

There will be a need to solve the "all dressed up and nowhere to go" problem The Metaverse has. What if there are only a handful of people on the grid, and you need applause?  This new site will transcend that and make what you wearing a fashion moment worth sharing!

BestDressedAvatar.com will be The Place to post, of course! The website (under construction soon) will feature a gallery of pictures uploaded by anyone from any platform, and what is even better is that members of the site get to vote on the annual International Best Dressed Avatar list.  

The broadcast gala at the end of the year,  awards The Metaverses Best Dressed Avatar  and the winner will show off their outfit creations by modeling them out of their inventory just for the occasion. Judged in separate categories like evening wear, sci-fi, casual or sport and swimsuit, it becomes a fashion event for major brands, a kind of MET Gala of the Metaverse.With prizes, notoriety, bragging rights and more! Perhaps collaboration with a major fashion house, having physical garments that you help design or inspire and that collaboration results in IRL$$$.

It is coming, look your best!

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