23 May 2009

Second Life as a Media and Entertainment Platform

Download mp3 here

Recorded at ReLaM, Relocatable Laboratories in the Metaverse, sponsored by the KIRA institute asked Pooky Amsterdam to conduct a lecture on Second Life as a Media and Entertainment Platform.


Michael Joyce said...

Very interesting show. I have been exploring the Virtual Worlds that can be designed in the Opensim. I like using Second Life, but can't help believe that the Opensim with it'd Hypergrid may be a more practical in the future.

Your thoughts and comments have renewed my energies.

Many thanks

Mike Joyce

Pooky Amsterdam said...

Appreciated Mike! Your work is excellent, incredibly funny and really uses this kind of asset building place to it's fullest. And you might be right that the Hypergrid isn't understood well enough to maximize what it offers.
Open Sim is just not right for me now.
There are inherent strengths and weaknesses to everything - it's important to play to the strength of this platform. I certainly think your work does & can't wait to see more.