14 Dec 2009

Document of Time - Interview with Holocaust Survivor Fanny Starr

Document of Time - Interview with Holocaust survivor Fanny Starr who endured the full six years of hell and living in deplorable conditions. Fanny Starr’s liberation day occurred on April 15, 1945. The British Army liberated Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

Ms Starr answers questions about her lifetime and wartime experiences in a revealing interview which captures on record one of the most appalling times of human history. These are the answers to questions she had to answer to make the world aware and for the sake of record.

Thanks to Roadrunner Island, and Strat Inshan, Metropolitan State College. http://www.mscd.edu/secondlife/success.shtml

Music - Kol Nidre performed by Hazzan Dov Kaplan.




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