3 May 2010

PookyMedia Films at Shanghai World Expo 2010

The first life curator Cristina García-Lasuén owner of the OPEN THIS END Second Life group and also known as AinoBaar in Second Life, approached Spanish officials for the World Expo several months ago with the purpose of bringing Second Life machinima to the attention of a greater audience. She was successful as they granted her several hours per week to display machinima simultaneously over five four metre wide HD screens which are attached to a structure called the "Air Tree" built specifically for the Expo at the Madrid Pavilion.
In the picture you can see a child in a blue shirt on one of the monitors that will exhibit Second Life machinima (image from Expo Shanghai Online)

Wikipedia gives this info for the Expo:
"More than 190 countries and more than 50 international organizations have registered to participate in the Shanghai World Expo, the largest ever. China expects to receive almost 100 foreign leaders and millions of people from across the world to come and visit the World Expo. More than 70-100 million visitors are expected to visit the expo, the largest in history."

As Bryn Oh said on her blog “Whats even better is that the Madrid Pavilion is right beside the Shanghai Pavilion so we should be right in the hub of it all. Even if a mere 1% of the 70-100 million guests pay attention then we are doing ok.”

PookyMediaFilms has “I’m Too Busy To Date Your Avatar”
Showing at the Madrid Pavillion. Here is the full program:


Kate Fosk said...

Sounds great :)-Kate

Jenn Forager said...

Go Pooky!! How fab that you have a schedule slot!