18 Aug 2010

Philip Rosedale to be on the 100th Show of the 1st Question

The original 2003 State of Play in New York was where much happened, including Philip Rosedale’s (Philip Linden) announcement that Second Life would grant its creators IP rights. It was a seminal convention and the one where Pooky originally met Philip. A lot has happened since then, as Philip remarked, “that was a long time ago,” and at this year’s SLCC, Pooky got a chance to talk to Philip a bit, thanking him as well. Somehow the conversation got around to the The 1st Question, and the upcoming 100th show in October. And the great news is that Philip will be on The 100th Episode of The 1st Question! So please stay tuned.

Pooky Amsterdam and Philip Rosedale
Picture by ArminasX Saiman


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Two great looking RL avatars;-) Looking forward to the show!!

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