15 Aug 2012

The 5th Annual Machinima - Expo Film Festival

"The Finest in Machinima Filmmaking" is a distinction that Machinima - Expo embodies.  This is game engine video which utilizes our newer tools and technologies to craft films which are recorded from the screens we are in front of and which we create within.  They can be within virtual worlds, or programs; with others inhabiting avatars, or not.  This is a genre of choice for increasingly talented people who are responding to the challenges that great filmmaking presents, no matter what the medium.

Recently Ginette Pizzaro of AViewTV, which does a remarkable job of promoting machinima, contacted me for information about the upcoming EXPO 2012.  Please have a read of what Ricky Grove & Kate Fosk have to say on it's history and future, and I chime in too.


This is going to be an incredible year and our programming, sponsorships and prizes will reflect this, please stay tuned to this space for more information on all. Machinima - Expo is all about the depth and breadth of the medium, showing clearly the artistic and narrative accomplishments we can achieve with our animation engines of choice.

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