2 May 2018

Hong Kong Polytechnic Builds Minds....and here are the visuals to prove it

Hong Kong Polytechnic maintains a worldwide outpost, available 24/7 in Second Life. This is a great educational enterprise and offers students the ability to learn and advance in their chosen field and work on their skills from anywhere they can log into the platform. Working with Dean Gui and his very Able team, we crafted this short advert for their sim, highlighting the great possibilities offered there.

We feature the builds already established and also virtual campus opportunities yet to be created. It's exciting and fast paced, we pack a lot into 90 seconds, please have a watch, the music will probably have you pushing play than once.

Thank you again Dean, for the great selection of soundtrack and for the chance to work together again on this gem of a video! Enjoy!


1 comment:

eurasia72 said...

Able and I truly enjoyed working with you on these two videos, Pooky. I hope we have another opportunity to work with each other again in the near future! Cheers!