11 May 2022

Metaquette #Metaverseday

Weekly QA with the Doyenne of The Metaverse...Pooky Amsterdam

It’s here!

On #MetaverseDay will everything suddenly become pixelated and colorful? Will there be huge neon colored buildings and small talking bugs in the pub? Will there be NFTs on the road and all you have to do is pick up your phone and take a picture? But you are in a virtual world and you don’t know how to take a picture! Do you decide to cross the street but can’t stop running in place?

Welcome to the Metaverse. Water is not wet, the world is flat and teleportation exists. Is this what today is going to be like? Because when you enter the Metaverse *dun dun dun* constructs of physics, movement and identity have their own rules.

It’s fun, there is much to do and see, it’s a miniature carnival for your mind, profitable in many ways plus it tests how you feel about strangers. A broadening experience with brands and business, your own or others can give you some instant feels about what you are interacting with. Do you look and move on, or does that pulsating poster or bursting balloon catch your eye? Instinct counts for a lot, so be alert to yours.

#MetaverseDay go log in to a metaverse platform, spawn with other noobies, start your adventure as an avatar, and experience what it’s all about!

Q: Which Metaverse is right for me?

You’ve decided you want to go to a virtual world, be the star of your own adventures, create endless experiences and stories to share with others. As you enter the Metaverse, which one out of a burgeoning field of old and new platforms will you choose?

There is a lot of competition for users so the decision where to hang your virtual hat is very important to the companies behind them as every metaverse will want and need a dedicated user base.

Trying out allllll the different ones can take a lot of downloads & time, so a few things to keep in mind are: Where do you feel comfy and what do you want to do? User Interface is a factor, how easily you can manoeuvre your avatar, to sit stand, walk, turn, hold objects and sometimes fly will be a turn on or a turn off.

Where you feel visually, vibrantly at home in your new world depends a lot on what graphics style appeals to you and what you like to see.

Do you respond to lego-like figures? If so, Minecraft, Roblox, The Sandbox, Rec Room are good. Something cartoon-like? Horizons, IMVU, Decentraland. Cartoons with guns? Fortnight. Do you want a smooth avatar? Astra, Somnium Space, Second Life. A Furry? VRChat. Luxury brands? NFT collectables? Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox. Music? Second Life, Roblox, where Spotify just opened a virtual island.

Every new world is going for the one-stop metaverse route - where everything you might want is there: shopping, gaming, socializing, leveraging crypto and NFTs. The blockchain part is Web 3.0 so there’s push with this term and why you hear it everywhere.

What you want to do will come next as you interact with all the virtual assets in that world, and realize you are free to do anything.

Make Avatars? Try the Avatar creator in The Sandbox, mint and sell them on the marketplace too.

Build? Apply for metaverse grants in Astra, horizons and Rec Room. Second Life has some awesome user created content, check it out.

Trade? Habbo has a vigorous trading community of 20 years.

Shop? Second Life’s behemoth marketplace is a testimony to User Created Content.

Play games? Microsoft’s $68.7 billion deal to buy game publisher Activision Blizzard is a sign that gaming will be a key part of the metaverse.

Create Games? The Sandbox.

Have a Gallery? Decentraland.

A Comedy Club? Somnium Space has open mic night.

A lot of the Metaverses have all these options and are in no way exclusive in their ability to host any of the above, it’s where you want to go.

There are metaverses that require ETH or BTC to enter or as is the case of some like Enjin, an Enjin wallet. But the kick is, when you make something on one of those platforms you own it, and on many you can sell, trade or give it away if you want to.

Remember this is your elective choice of participatory entertainment. The question might become what do you want your legacy to be as you establish yourself anew within a virtual world.

To be honest most of the time it comes down to if you have a friend, or idol who already has a Metaverse to go to, so you meet them there and get started. Because basically a place's stickiness will come down to where you find friends and where you want to hang out in your downtime, close to home but not alone. There are an additional 20 new metaverses outside of the ones mentioned here in beta and on the way! A crowded field, so you are already a Very important Player!

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