24 Feb 2023

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Tips & Tricks for negotiating the Metaverse with.......Pooky Amsterdam

MY AI aka The PookyBot

AI is supposed to make our lives easier, better and more fulfilling.....right? Being able to prompt our way to success in all things of interest, is almost irresistible. It was irresistible enough to me, and with a recent video explaining all the steps to becoming a complete bot, I created this! 
Please click on the MY AI aka The PookyBot  below the picture of me in my fabulous almost Spring outfit, for the message from ChatGPT & me.

Q: In The Metaverse, is it appropriate to lift the words right out of ChatGPT's mouth?

If you are not doing this, then you might not be using the latest available tools at your disposal to create content. And creating content is a primary focus of any platform. You can go to Mid Journey, and get an image generated additionally, but I picked my avatar because I identify so strongly with "her" in fact so much so I can't call this an "it."

Using some original thinking, and a prompt which involved "finding oneself by losing oneself in the Metaverse", this was put together quickly and the lip sync is very good. With a bit of tweaking, the message sounds very much like mine, though I did not go for the audio clip upload which would replicate my  actual voice.
Maybe next time, as I will be using my personal PookyBot for announcements and marketing of Mambo Motel ~ The Metaverse Musical

PS > The programs I used for this were : 
Second Life for the avatar
ChatGPT for the message (somewhat augmented by yours truly)
An Upscaler for the image 
11Eleven Labs for the AI generated voice
Studio D-id for the video

I did have a Mid Journey avatar, but it felt less authentic to me, than the one above whom I have clicked a million miles in. Also I got to pick out my own outfit......which I can change, and do! 

PPS > To generate anything you want from Mid Journey, go to discord and join mid journey. Pick a noobie group and type in something that begins with
/imagine, and then your prompts, for the mid journey AI will then start to generate images for you!

If you have a question, please email info@pookymedia.com with the subject of Metaquette and it will be answered! 

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