24 Mar 2023

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Tips & Tricks for negotiating The Metaverse with.............Pooky Amsterdam 

Roll up for the Magical Second Life Tour!

Dear peoples of The Metaverse, no matter your degree of interest, Second Life should not have escaped your notice.  Here are 18 Facts of Second Life you might want to know, including that the Second Life GDP is now around $600million. Daniel Van Der Waals the dashing head of the Metaverse Explorers group has asked me to lead the tour into Second Life. 
Second Life is a user created world in many respects, and it is that which makes it so sticky. The residents of Second Life have a stake in this game, we build in this game, we literally and figuratively have skin in this game. Second Life is huge, it has everything, people do everything and anything there, it has tremendous User Generated Content in its marketplace and awesome UGC for a variety of activities and destinations.  Did I say Destinations? This guide has almost 50 separate categories, including something like 10 separate genres for music alone.  This weekend is the 16th Virtual World Best Practice in Education conference with educators from across the globe presenting their insights, methods and how to teach in the Metaverse, programs.  Sweet 16! Worth a look to see the wide variety of topics that are covered!

Second Life has its own currency, the Linden and exchange (Thank you to Tilla) which works incredibly well as people buy and sell in a marketplace with clarity as to the revenue they receive, and which they can easily withdraw too.

There is no one blog that could sum up everything Second Life has to offer, and if you ask the residents of SL, as it is called,  what is the best thing about it, most would say the people we have met, and the great friendships which transcend all platforms.

Q: Second Life will celebrate its 20th Birthday this June, is it still relevant as a Metaverse?

Yes, it is, it is the grand daddy of the Metaverse! Most Metaverses offer the same kind of things, but Second Life due to its longevity, has the experts and the expertise on what really works over time. You can stream movies into SL, you can stream your SL experience out to the rest of the world too. You can buy, rent and sell land, or build a community around your particular interests and you can dance if you want to, there are tons of mocap dancing animations to buy. 
Yes the learning curve is a bit steep, many residents tend to be interested in technology yet unlike Roblox, Minecraft or Fortnite  where most users are tweens and teens, the demographic skews to adults. Second Life is a grown up kind of place where you will meet other grown - ups, even if some of them take on a younger persona, or even a furry one. The many skins  we wear in Second Life are merely soul wrappings to who we are inside, much as our outside skin wraps our own souls. 
By the way, if you are a performer - and want to be part of the Big Birthday party, applications are now open for this! 

The learning curve is something to master though. And there are many many tutorials on how to do that.
Here is one which also includes how to download the preferred viewer for Second Life which is called Firestorm.  And here is a direct link to Firestorm, where you can click on which of the operating systems you use. In the video above, an avatar named Lux takes us through the various windows we click in a Second day. In Second Life you can communicate with the person next to you so no one else hears in whisper, or send text to the amassed audience and even shout across a Sim if needed. You can text, or talk to someone privately in the instant message box and you can use voice too. The communications capabilities are truly awesome and really set a standard for how in-world contact should be.

In a world where Metaverses will come and go, Second Life has that here - to - stay quality where investing in your inventory feels secure.  A few years back PookyMedia was asked to create a video for new users, it still has its charm though the new landing destination has changed: A Year In The Life of Second Life  One's Second Life, like one's physical life is an evolution, we evolve in our Second Lives through the skills we learn on our own and from each other. In Second Life we have the ability to do anything, but more often than not we will help n00bies with learning, no matter how old we are, we were all new once. 

Please join me on a tour of Second Life that will take in a large variety of stunning locations, impressive builds, fabulous shopping and fun activities!

If you want to ahead of the tour friend request me, please do. I am Pooky Amsterdam!

If you have a question please put Metaquette in the subject and send to info@pookymedia.com and it will be answered!

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