10 Jan 2013

2013 - Predictions for the upcoming year!

Here we have them - a few predictions and inventions that have been on the back burner and thought its time to trot them out. With the new year also comes the forward look we tend to take, where will be at this time next year and where were we in the past?  Given some thought to this over the past few weeks, but didn't want to to post it till we all safely made it into the New Year! And yes, we are all in this together!

Happy New Year and please feel free to add any predictions and / or comments you like - Its going to be a good one.

2013 New Year Predictions

1)       AR is cool but very small and with a possibility of overcrowding the screen – There will be developed Giant AR screens that are part of every city. For example tourists can stand behind them and choose to see  - highlights from the past from a variety of decades. Sponsorship will be subtly embedded

2)       Google video recording glasses will continue to grow in popularity – with a new twist – you will be able to use video of yourself and insert yourself into any action that occurs. For example – You &   Felix Baumgartner can show you the long way down – or your nephew and you skateboarding. You can have  a standard portrait signature a la Docusign OR upload  a fresh video of Yourself so you can photo bomb all world events sort of live and in color. Forget having to wait to win a “walk-On” in a movie with YouVideoGoog you just insert yourself anywhere- Appropriate costuming comes next year

3)       VR suits – more than just headwear this will allow the entire body to feel an impact within a virtual environment. The suit will have multiple pressure points and allow the user to walk into the VR experience which will be set up as a projection on a large screen that can be installed between rooms

4)       Theater of the Virtual – There will be the conversion of movie theaters to game centers with each  seat having a PC and keyboard / console so people can come out for a nigh of entertainment with the other people in the theater. For example one night its World of Warcraft – so local folks can go to the theater log in from their seats and watch on the giant screen in front of them the action play out as they play / fight / build with the other people in the theater.  The next thing in the anonymous yet personal space of social games

5)       The ability for Unity3D to be combined with entertainment systems such as Samsung will mean that people will be able to play at home avatar based game shows on the TV> What are you DOING on TV tonight becomes the new meme as people take on animated characters  to play right along on the TV game shows which test knowledge skill & fear factors.

6)       Someone will create the worlds first car made entirely of LEGO that actually drives

7)       Cars will go beyond self driving to self programmable – you will only have to put your Google map into its system of your point A to B and away it goes.

8)       People will increase their use of personal generators  and be able to power their electronic equipment through pedalling a stationary bicycle

9)       Virtual goods will grow – Virtual gifting for those who want to send something immediately will be broadly accepted facebook and other networks – You will be able to send Guy Kawasaki a Virtual Motorcycle for example on his birthday. People will collect various models and there will be a growth of virtual good asset trading with V-Bay. Also when people have accumulated a certain number of virtual assets – they will be redeemable for physical goods. Look for Virtual Shoes of the Month Club to start

10)   Video Networking will grow – with individuals creating their own Home Video Shopping Channels where they can hawk their craft products or even sell/auction those items with a story. Think QVC for the YouTube generation.

11)   Someone will make an inflatable car, that is self – driving and I will use it.

12)   Someone will create an insanely popular social network that allows people to tweet both drunk & anonymously. I would have registered Dwitter.com but its already taken!


Sandy Adam said...

Love your predictions! We're a ways off on the driverless cars going mainstream, but I'm looking forward to it.

André L said...

yay, Unity! Glad you remind that, and I agree fully. Have a happy new year.