27 Nov 2012

The Future of Mainstream Machinima Films

Mainstream Machinima is a great pair of words, and one that has legs.

The Machinima-Expo 2012 has ended and the interest in this medium continues to grow. Bringing people together from their fields of games, media and journalism on the topic, reveals greater depth not only of coverage but true understand the nature of what we can offer with our game engine films.  The great takaway of a true "Indie movement" is not lost on this audience, and Dean Takahashi wrote a great review of his panel which appeared in VentureBeat.

The future of mainstream machinima films: A panel discussion inside Second Life

You should have a read of his article, and (a look at his avatar of course!) as this expert panel analyzes machinima and offers great words on topics of the future of what we are doing.  He also includes links back to the films and the programming.  Enjoy!

Its a virtual and very animated group here!

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